Libro d’inverno

Libro d’inverno


General Infos
  • flute
  • 2007
  • 14′
  • texts by Stefano Lappa 
  • Babelscores


Libro d’inverno (Winter Book) represents the first chapter within a larger cycle dedicated to seasons. I already concluded Libro d’estate (Summer Book, 2009-2016), Libro d’Aprile (April Book, 2012), while Capronata (2012) is somehow a rough sketch of the last chapter about autumn

Generally, these pieces aren’t meant to describe anything (no Vivaldi renaissance here, sorry): every part is instead a sort of private journal, inspired by the reading of some literary works.

Libro d’Inverno contains two references: Orhan Pamuk’s novel Kar (Snow), and a very short english verse by Stefano Lappa, that I hired as a musical material.

The piece’s dramaturgy moves along the creation of an illusory, crystallized polyphony, made through the proliferation of two notes; this process is accompanied and commented by a parallel path, in which the flutist’s breathing takes eventually shape in a few spoken fragments of Lappa’s poem.

The piece is dedicated to Marta Suarez-Canal

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further infos
  • premiere: 30 Octobre 2008, Festival Variazioni di Pressione, Sala Maffeiana, Verona. Daniele Pianegonda, flute.
  • second prize at “Valentino Bucchi” international competition 2007, Rome.
  • recording credits: Daniele Pianegonda, flute.