Libro d’Aprile

Libro d’Aprile


General Infos

  • Live recording @ MATA Festival 2017

    Friends of MATA, the Kitchen, 18.3.2017

Libro d’Aprile was my final project at Ircam’s Cursus II. It has been purposely designed for the 9th order Ambisonic system installed within the building.


The focus was to investigate the ambiguous interdependence between background and shape: looking at the sketches of a few renowned painters (especially Durer and Watteau) we can see how the images seem to pop out of the pages, letting the background show through, in some kind of vibrant absence.


Likewise, in my piece the melding and scattering of acoustic fields leads to a status where instrumental and electronic sounds liquefy, to reveal the fleeting presence of the space behind them.